Assemblymember Mike Eng Praises Mental Health Report


Assemblymember Mike Eng is praising mental health research that shows the distinctions between various groups of people lumped under the Asian/Pacific Islander moniker. During a legislative town hall on the University of Southern California campus Assemblymember Eng said the information provides insights into the mental health needs of Native Hawaiians, Samoans, Tongons and Fijians. “Asian Pacific Islanders come from over forty ethnic groups and each group has its own specific characteristics, especially when it comes to health issues,” Assemblymember Eng stated. “Traditional research has often lumped all of these groups together into one ethnic category that some times appears to be free of serious problems. But as this town hall has demonstrated, there is a need to conduct further studies on each separate community so that we can more effectively use our resources for prevention and treatment.” Learn more in this Assembly Access video.