Best Practices in Our Communities: Relevance and Outcomes

Best Practices in Our Communities:  Relevance and Outcomes

Wednesday October 8, 2014

The "Best Practices in Our Communities" Conference, hosted by Pacific Clinics and co-sponsored by the CRDP (California Reducing Disparities Project) API SPW (Asian Pacific Islander Strategic Planning Workgroup) introduced participants to Community Defined Evidence practices that are more effective in addressing cultural disparities and providing services that are culturally and linguistically relevant. Upon conference completion, participants would have been able to:

  • Discuss current interventions that work in our communities
  • Identify resources available in serving the underserved populations
  • Improve disparities in accessing relevant services
  • Recognize the need to partner with clients receiving services
  • Implement relevant community defined practices
  • Improve client intervention outcomes

To see a brochure with complete program information please click here.

To see the Community Defined Promising Practices in California list of resources please click here.

To see a PDF version of a speaker's presentation, if available, please click on one of the following links: