4th API-SPW Statewide Meeting

Event Date

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Event Description

On May 19, 2011, as the statewide lead agency, Pacific Clinics hosted the 4th API-SPW statewide meeting at the Pacific Clinics Training Institute in Pasadena.  At this particular meeting, project members reviewed criteria for core competence and selection criteria for promising programs based on previous discussions and inputs from the entire membership.

The CRDP-SPW’s Los Angeles regional lead, Terry Gock, Ph.D., Divisional Director of Asian Pacific Family Center, presented the LOGIC model as a framework for promising programs.

The CRDP-SPW’s San Diego/Orange County regional lead, Dixie Galapon, Ph.D., Director of Mental Health Services at Union of Pan Asian Communities, presented some of UPAC’s programs as examples of promising practices.

Simon Wai, M.Div., Program Director of Asian Pacific Family Center-East, presented one of APFC-East’s programs, IMPACT, as an example of culturally appropriate best practice model.

Wendy Wang, M.P.P, Corporate Director for Community Education, Outreach, and Public Policy, presented an update on Health Care Reform.